We can reduce all your electricity related costs!

No matter what type of business, factory, office building,or store you operate, we can save you from 10 - 65% on your electricity bill and dramatically lower your cost of maintenance, repair and replacement of fixtures and equipment.

All of our technologies and equipment have undergone extensive research and development and will not only improve your facility's power quality and reliability but also save you money.

Our full-facility, turn-key approach evaluates every single load in your operation for power quality improvement and cost savings. We will customise a detailed engineering design specifically for your facility with your bottom line in mind. We make profit possible and painless!

Regardless of your type of business, small or large, we can help with:

  • All Types of Lighting, Fluorescent or HID
  • Fixed Speed Motors
  • Variable Speed Motors
  • Air Conditioning
  • Refrigeration

Call us now on 0800 479 772 and start saving!