How we work with you?

  • Work directly with company executives, officers, owners, or directors to serve as a one-time management tool for creating unplanned cash flow improvements.
  • Thoroughly interview client management to determine expectations and needs, then works only within the client-determined framework.
  • Provide client with specific project targets for cash flow improvement, prior to any work being solicited or any fees being accepted; all client decisions are guided by these specific, fully guaranteed project targets.
  • Present client with a risk free option for gaining immediate positive cash flow improvements through retaining budgeted energy payments.
  • Accept complete financial responsibility for all of our work, and have the financial strength to honor these commitments.
  • Protect client from often inaccurate and costly advice from internal staff, third party engineers, and local utilities, who are willing to undertake electrical efficiency projects, yet lack the depth of experience and skills needed to do so competently.
  • Provide complete after-the-project follow up analysis and reportage to aid clients in evaluating the project's performance and return on investment.
  • Develop and implement only long term, high durability projects, typically providing full financial
    benefits for over 20 years after implementation.

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