Projects of Interest


"My records indicate that in the last seven months we have avoided about $5,200.00 in maintenance costs on our refrigeration. Our compressors are 15 years old, plus. I would normally expect to replace one to two each year. Not only haven't we replaced any - we have had no repairs to make. Also, in spite of the record-breaking heat and drought that we have been experiencing, my food cases and walk-ins have no trouble keeping up. They're colder than ever."

"I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the system I had you install in my store...I'm very pleased with the results. I appreciate your electrician repairing other existing problems in and around the store, and the fact that there was absolutely no interruption in the normal operation of my business during the installation of the system."

Office & Retail

"Our calculations show that our savings are averaging 19% per month across our lighting, motors and air conditioning. May we take this opportunity of thanking you for your professional and efficient completion of this project as well as for the advice and help you have given us on other problems we were experiencing in our store."

"Our energy demand has been reduced substantially. They guaranteed a savings of 13% per year, and it has been averaging around 14.5%."


"Our company owns and operates a full service Holiday Inn that has been treated with your energy reduction system. I recommend your system without reservation based upon their system's performance with our own facility."

"Our monthly bill for the chillers had reduced by 15% to 20% ... the wires going to MCB (main circuit breaker) are comparatively cooler than before, this may be the reason of the less amperage passing through the circuit. Personally, I am very satisfied, and I have endorsed to the owning company the installation of Easiliners to our Air Handling Unit which hope to materialize by next year."

Rubber & Plastics Company

"Your system has been operating flawlessly for nearly a year. While you originally projected a twenty-one month pay back period for the project, I'm very pleased to report that we have already experienced only an eight-month pay back because of higher than estimated energy savings. We're nearing the completion of our plant addition and looking forward to expanding your system."


"Unbelievable! When you bonded a savings of 11.68% per month, we felt that it was extremely aggressive. Well, after several months of tracking, the actual results are 27.6%. This will lower our payback and increase our R.O.I. by over 50%."